Build Pro 350

provides a 360 degree view of your project
365 days a year.

Build Pro 365 provides a 360 degree view of your project 365 days a year.


Build Pro 350 Schedule

The entire build can be scheduled out in a graphical timeline so you can see exactly how you are tracking. Any delays or quicker than expected items immediately show up and adjust the projected end date of the project.

Schedule items can be assigned to different people such as a plumber or electrician. They will receive a schedule invite which they can accept or decline, and will be reminded on the relevant days for accepted tasks.

Everyone also gets their own Schedule view so they can see what days they are required on what projects.

The schedule items in the graphical schedule timeline can be moved and resized to adjust any item and all dependent items automatically.

Schedule items have flexible start options. They can be set to start at a nominated date, link to the Project Start Date, or be dependent on another schedule item with an optional offset in days ie: Start 2 days after the parent item is due to end, or start 5 days before the parent item ends.

The schedule timeline items are coloured to indicate overdue or on schedule as well as the current day line to quickly see where you are at.

Adjusting any parent item will automatically adjust the start and end dates of any dependent items.

So a changing schedule will always give you and the client the best idea of the finishing date.